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Advancing Cardiovascular Care through Innovative Intervention

Coronary Stents

The Drug Eluting Coronary Stent System by Nano Therapeutics is a state-of-the-art drug-eluting stent engineered for safety and efficacy. Nano’s stent system offers remarkable performance and improved patient outcomes in coronary interventions.

Novus – СЄ Approved

  1. Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent has received CE Certification (PCBC CE 1434) for quality standards.
  2. Novus Stent boasts unique features, such as ultra-thin strut thickness for flexibility and reduced profile.
  3. Novus Stent utilizes proven drug release kinetics with initial burst release of Sirolimus and sustained release for optimal drug intake and faster endothelialization.


  1. 1stcompany in India to develop and launch Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System​
  2. Encruso, offers a stent with unmatched surface finish.
  3. With its ultra-thin strut thickness, Encruso stent provides increased flexibility, reduced profile, improved trackability, and faster endothelialization, while its high resistance against arterial pressure and radial force ensures no structural deformation during overexpansion.


  1. Evermax stent by Nano Therapeutics is an innovative coronary stent system with an ultra-thin 60 μm CoCr alloy strut.
  2. It features a biodegradable polymer coating that promotes faster endothelialization.
  3. The stent’s low crimping profile enhances deliverability in complex anatomies.
  4. Its proprietary electro-polish mirror surface ensures excellent radial strength and trackability.
  5. Ongoing clinical studies, such as the SUCCESSOR Registry, highlight its potential for optimal clinical outcomes.
  6. A randomized controlled trial is in the planning stage to further evaluate its effectiveness.
  7. Evermax stent stands out as a promising solution for cardiac care.


Siromount Stent: A cutting-edge medical device developed by Nano Therapeutics.

Unique Features: Designed for enhanced cardiovascular interventions.

Excellent Flexibility & Trackability: Ensuring precise and safe placement during procedures.

High Radial Strength: Provides added safety and reliability.

Minimized Trauma: Sinusoidal struts without edge flaring reduce local vessel wall trauma.

Ultra-Thin Struts: Contribute to superior performance.

Proprietary Mirror Surface Electro-Polish: Enhances deliverability and effectiveness.

Stress Reduction: Innovative design reduces stress at the peak of the cell.

Optimal Stress Distribution: Promising improved patient outcomes.

Increased Procedural Success: Siromount Stent aids in treating cardiovascular conditions effectively.

Commitment to Advanced Healthcare: Nano Therapeutics continues to innovate for better patient care.

Enhanced Collaboration: Collaborative efforts with healthcare providers for improved cardiovascular care.

Drug Eluting Balloon


  1. Curex: An advanced Paclitaxel drug-releasing balloon system
  2. Designed by Nano Therapeutics for peripheral vessel treatment
  3. Focus on improving lumen diameter and reducing restenosis in native peripheral artery lesions
  4. Offers versatility and ease of use
  5. Unique features include uniform distribution of Paclitaxel, a proven anti-proliferative drug, on the balloon surface
  6. Incorporates a biodegradable polymer matrix that safely degrades in the body

PTCA Balloon

The PTCA Balloon Delivery Catheter is designed to carry a drug-coated bioresorbable stent (Cobalt Chromium stent with Sirolimus drug-eluting polymeric mesh) through the coronary vasculature and ensure precise stent positioning for effective treatment.

Marvella NC

Marvela-NC: A cutting-edge PTCA Dilatation Catheter by Nano Therapeutics

Non-Compliant Features: Guaranteed accuracy under high pressure, true non-compliance, and controlled balloon expansion with no dogboning

Precision Design: Nylon balloon, hydrophilic coating on the distal shaft, and radiopaque markers for easy visualization

Compatibility: Suitable for guiding catheters of minimum 5F and with a rapid exchange length of 25 cm

Enhanced Performance: Marvela-NC promises efficient and accurate performance during PTCA dilatation, contributing to better patient outcomes and interventional success.

Marvella Nc

Marvella SC

Semi-Compliant (SC):

  1. True Semi-Compliance
  2. Controlled Baloon Expansion
  3. No Dogboning

Intravascular Pulse Lithotripsy (IPL)

Nano Therapeutics offers a cutting-edge Micro Pulse Lithotripsy system for kidney stone treatment, utilizing pulsatile shockwave principles with a compact, mobile, and rechargeable pulse generator. The IPL catheter allows precise, multi-modality high REP emissions and post-dilatation, ensuring efficient and effective procedures.

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