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Peripheral Intervention

Empowering Health through Advanced Renal and Peripheral Interventions

Featuring unique cobalt chromium technology, this stent system offers exceptional performance and patient benefits.

 Its circumferential open cell design ensures uniform expansion and a balanced combination of radial strength and flexibility.

 With remarkably thin struts and excellent surface finish, it minimizes arterial injury and provides excellent visibility.

 The stent’s thin strut thickness allows for a better crossing profile, while its superior vessel wall coverage and exceptional deliverability make it a reliable choice.

 Available in various lengths and diameters, the stent system utilizes L605 Cobalt Chromium, a high-quality stent material known for its durability and biocompatibility.

Renal Stent – Curatis

The CURATIS Cobalt Chromium Renal & Biliary Stent System is a cutting-edge medical device designed for the treatment of renal and biliary conditions.

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