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Congenital Heart Disease Treatment

Nurturing Hearts: Innovative Solutions for Congenital Heart Disease


  1. Jove-VASO: A versatile Atrial Septal Occluder by Nano Therapeutics.
  2. Designed for safety, ease of use, and adjustability.
  3. Replaces the need for 8 devices with a single device for all ASD sizes.
  4. Innovative design accommodates various ASD sizes with equal-sized LA and RA discs.
  5. Offers better stability and minimal risk of complications.
  6. Capable of closing double septum or spiral septal defects.
  7. Reduces retention force while ensuring flexible and secure anchoring.
  8. Requires minimal balloon sizing and offers ease of deployment.
  9. Promises improved outcomes and convenience during closure procedures.


  1. Fenestrated Versatile Septal Occluder Device (FVASO) designed for optimal ASD occlusion
  2. Available in different sizes to close various ASD sizes
  3. Longer middle segment enhances endothelialization and prolonged patency
  4. Offers better stability during closure with minimal risk of erosion or embolization
  5. Fenestration sizes of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm for versatility in addressing different ASD cases

Jove VB Stent

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  1. Jove VB Stent: Self-expandable Nitinol stent
  2. Partially covered with ePTFE coating
  3. Compatible with 0.035” guidewires and 8-11 Fr introducers
  4. Utilizes an 18F controlled delivery system
  5. Procedure time as short as 20 minutes
  6. Designed to prevent migration and obstruction to pulmonary or systemic veins
  7. Accounts for anatomic variations and sizes through pathology studies
  8. Available in three lengths: 90mm, 75mm, and 65mm
  9. Specific dimensions for each variant: BVS90X40X25, BVS75X35X25, BVS65X30X20
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