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We value work-life balance and prioritize employee well-being.

Nano values its employees as the cornerstone of its success. We strive to foster a productive, innovative, and enjoyable work environment that promotes fulfillment and growth. Life @ Nano is an exceptional experience.

Fun Workplace

Life at Nano is an enjoyable and vibrant experience. We prioritize fun at work through team-building activities, games, and celebratory events that bring our employees closer together and create a positive and supportive atmosphere. We value and acknowledge each employee’s milestones and contributions, making Nano a great place to work.

Employee-friendly Environment

At Nano, we value work-life balance and prioritize employee well-being. Our employee-friendly environment includes flexible work arrangements and an open-door policy to foster communication and collaboration between staff and management.

Health focused Workplace

At Nano, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. We offer a variety of health and wellness programs, including gym memberships, yoga classes, and healthy snacks. Additionally, we provide a mental health program with counseling and resources to support our employees’ mental well-being.

Employee Importance

At Nano, we highly value our employees and their role in our achievements. We prioritize their professional growth and offer training, career advancement opportunities, and attractive compensation and benefits packages. Join us at Nano and experience a workplace that truly cares about its employees’ well-being and success.

Current Opening

Opening: Engineer LC

Experience: 1-4 years of Experience

Education: Engineering Graduate

Opening: Executive HR

Experience: 1-3 years of Experience

Education : MBA HR/ MLW/ MSW

Organization Achievements